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Creation of innovative, exclusive and high quality objects for collectors*

Discover a new product associated with a patent application every quarter.
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.

*For collectors who are passionate about mechanical systems and innovative designs. 100% French manufacturing.

The Pommard corkscrew

Quarter Winter 2018 Product

This corkscrew with its elegant, sober and robust design fits perfectly in your pocket. It can be used safely with one hand while holding the bottle in the other hand.

100% made in France, all the components are manufactured in my workshops in Burgundy at Château de Buffière. Each Pommard is sold with its buffalo case hand-stitched by a leather goods maker who has worked for a long time for a prestigious company expert in saddlery.

Material – stainless steel 304 satin and polished
Length – 8,8 cm / 3,46 inch
Diameter – 1,3 cm / 0,51 inch
Weight – 60 gr / 2,11 oz

Innovative mechanical system

Quarter Winter 2018 Product

The cylindrical handle is machined from a solid stainless steel bar, very much like some luxury watches.
The drill bit very pointed so-called “solid with centered tip” allows the capsule to be cut. It is also machined from a solid stainless steel bar, which ensures solidity at all times.
Its 5 dextroiry spiral arches and the centered tip allow a perfect introduction into the cap. The machined solid stainless steel locking screw, like the two previous parts, is embellished with a peripheral knurling that provides an effective grip for tightening the drill bit.
The axis that allows the rotation of the drill bit is made of tempered steel and resists 200 Kg of traction.

The patent that gave birth to the Pommard refers to three combined claims that ensure “novelty”.

1. Tilting of the drill bit by gravity after loosening the locking screw.

2. Secure locking of the drill bit always with the same hand that tightens the locking screw.

3. Increase the length of the handle by slightly loosening the locking screw to allow a better grip when removing the cap if necessary.

Corkscrew collector "Pommard"

Small, elegant and ingenious, the Pommard will be a faithful companion.

Find out more in this video about this clever corkscrew.

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Yves Gricourt

Creator and manufacturer of innovative objects

With more than 20 patents to my credit in various fields, I have been working with and advising many companies for 35 years.

Today, I want to share my expertise by creating innovative, unique objects, operating with unusual mechanical systems to delight collectors all over the world.

Each quarter, a new limited edition, numbered, patented object will be introduced on this site.


Limited and numbered edition

Pommard corkscrew

Intended for discerning helixophiles, collectors and lovers of “extraordinary” objects (i.e. value-added objects), the prices reflect the high quality of manufacture, which is similar to that of high-precision instruments.

Corkscrew with patent registration in limited edition and numbered between 001 and 500.

Each Pommard Corkscrew is sold with its hand-stitchedewn buffalo leather case by a leather goods maker who has long worked for a prestigious company that is an expert in saddlery and leather goods. 100% French manufacture.


Laser engraved serial number

Each corkscrew is laser engraved. A serial number is assigned to each copy since the start of production.


Each corkscrew is photographed 3 times with a resolution of 12 million pixels and from several angles. Photos are stored in shape recognition software. If, unfortunately, a copy was on the Internet, at an auction or during an exchange, a photo would suffice to verify the authenticity of the corkscrew. The details of machining and laser engraving are impossible to reproduce because they are different on each part and the pixels of a photo of machined objects are even more accurate than fingerprints.

For sale exclusively on this site

The “Pommard” is sold exclusively on this site. However, if a copy were to appear send us a picture. My patent firm and its lawyers can operate anywhere in the world.

Value of the first “Pommard”

Notice to helixophiles all over the world, the “Pommard” and especially the first series are to future “Collectors”

Lifetime warranty

The “Pommard” is guaranteed for life unless damaged due to misuse, the “Pommard” will be replaced by a new one in case of malfunction caused by normal use as a corkscrew.

For life


7 days



customer care

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