Yves Gricourt

Designer and manufacturer of innovative objects

With more than 20 patents to my credit in various fields, I have been working with and advising many companies for 35 years.

Today, I want to share my expertise by creating innovative, unique objects, operating with original mechanical systems to please collectors all over the world.

My areas of expertise

  • Plastics and metalworking
  • Mechanisms and automation
  • Electromechanics

Entrepreneur and inventor

CRYL was founded in 1983. The activity was focused on the manufacture of thermoformed trays for robotics and also steel molds to feed our electric injection presses intended in particular for the production of plexiglass articles: displays, trophies, high-end promotional gifts... I sell Cryl in large part in 2008 but keep an employee and some machines.

I imagine objects or ideas stored at the bottom of a drawer that I had not had the time to implement during my professional activity. I draw them and print them in 3D before finalizing them by machining and then finishing them by hand.
Accustomed to working with a high level of excellence in industry (Peugeot, Renault, Valéo), pharmacy and health (Pfizer, Nestlé, Fabre, Urgo) or the luxury sector (Lalique, Nina Ricci, Champagne Laurent Perrier, Musée du Louvre) and many others, I maintain the same quality for all my creations.

3D drawing and object creation for collectors

I therefore propose that you discover every quarter innovative objects with original mechanical systems that will be associated with patent applications.

“Inanimate objects do you have a soul” as Lamartine wrote, we will also offer you objects that possess that little extra soul that gives the feeling of being unique, made with passion and love for you and a few rare privileged ones.

We do everything in our power to deliver as quickly as possible with permanent tracking of shipments.
We will strive to treat each customer as we would like to be treated ourselves with honesty, loyalty and respect.

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