Chardonnay corkscrew



Intended for discerning helixophiles, collectors and lovers of “extraordinary” objects (i.e. value-added objects), the prices reflect the high quality of manufacture, which is similar to that of high-precision instruments.

Corkscrew with patent registration in limited edition and numbered between 001 and 500.

Each Chardonnay Corkscrew is sold with its hand-stitchedewn buffalo leather case by a leather goods maker who has long worked for a prestigious company that is an expert in saddlery and leather goods. 100% French manufacture.

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Chardonnay corkscrew

Product Quarter Summer 2018

This corkscrew with its elegant, sober and robust design fits perfectly in your pocket. One hand allows it to be used safely while holding the bottle in the other hand.

Made 100% in France, all the elements are made in my Burgundy workshops at Château de Buffière. Each Chardonnay is sold with its buffalo case hand-stitched by a leather goods maker.

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Stainless steel 304


8 cm


2 cm


60 gr